High-Power S-Band Pulsed Transmitter Model 2254


Empower RF Systems, the technology leading provider of high-performance RF amplifiers, is proud to announce the launch of the Model 2254 S-Band Pulsed Transmitter. This air-cooled, high-power transmitter operates from 2900 to 3500MHz and is designed to meet the demanding requirements of radar and electronic warfare applications. The Model 2254 boasts an impressive peak power output of 15kW peak power, making it one of the most powerful S-band transmitters in its class. With a duty cycles up to 20% and pulse widths up to 500 micro seconds, this transmitter is capable of delivering sustained high-power pulses for extended periods, ensuring reliable performance in mission-critical scenarios.   This transmitter combines cutting-edge technology with robust design, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability for our customers’ most challenging applications in radar, electronic warfare and directed energy research.

Key features of the Model 2254 include:

  • Pulse Widths Up to 500 Microseconds
  • Duty Cycles Up to 20%
  • Utilizes GaN on SiC Device Technology
  • High Power Density Air-cooled Design
  • Rugged, Power-efficient, and Reliable
  • Control: Touchscreen plus remote monitoring and control via web browser or M2M over Ethernet

The Model 2254 is designed with Empower RF Systems’ field proven hardware and software architecture, allowing easy M2M system integration. With its exceptional performance, robust design, and advanced features, the Model 2254 S-Band Pulsed Transmitter is poised to become a game-changer in the radar and electronic warfare industries, solidifying Empower RF Systems’ position as a leader in high-power RF solutions. For more information about the Model 2254 and Empower RF Systems’ comprehensive product portfolio, please visit www.EmpowerRF.com

Learn More About This Product: https://www.empowerrf.com/products/display_amplifier.php?sku=2254

Download datasheet:

Complete Empower RF Amplifiers lineup: http://www.empowerrf.com/products/rf_power_amplifier.php

Empower RF Systems is the technology leader in high power amplifier solutions for reliable communications, defense, and industrial applications.  Our products incorporate the latest semiconductor and power combining technologies and originate from an extensive library of “building block” designs.  Solutions range from basic modules to multifunction PA assemblies with embedded real time microprocessor control.

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