AOC Courses and Seminars

Discover a new world of AOC educational opportunities! Educating and informing the Electromagnetic Warfare community is at the heart of the AOC’s mission. Check out the Courses and Seminars calendar for a listing of upcoming AOC Professional Development Courses.

AOC Conferences and Tradeshows

Conferences and Tradeshows are one of the cores of AOC operations; they connect active duty military, government leaders, industry partners and academia to address and solve the growing challenges that confront our war fighters. Conferences and Tradeshows bring together the subject matter experts from all the EW/EMS and IO disciplines in classified and unclassified venues across the globe. Below are the unique opportunities you have to enable war fighting success through scientific achievement, technical development, professional networking, and business development.

AOC Industry Events

Cyber/Electronic Warfare Convergence 2022: June 7-9, 2022
Charleston, SC, USA

2022 Kittyhawk Week Conference: June 14-16, 2022
Dayton, OH, USA

Space-Cyber Resiliency Summit 2022: June 14-16, 2022
Bedford, MA, USA

International Microwave Symposium: June 19-24, 2022
Denver, CO, USA

2nd Annual Multi-Domain Operations Workshop: July 19- 21, 2022
El Paso, TX, USA

TechNet Augusta: August 15-18, 2022
Augusta, GA, USA

Defense & Security 2021 Conference: August 29-September 1, 2022
Bangkok, Thailand

AAAA Aircraft Survivability Equipment Symposium: September 12-13, 2022

2022 Air, Space & Cyber Conference: September 19-21, 2022
National Harbor, MD, USA

EWLive2.0: September 19-22, 2022
Tartu, Estonia

39th International T & E Symposium: September 27-30, 2022
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

AUSA 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition: October 10-12, 2022
Washington, D.C., USA

Pacific Information Operations & Electromagnetic Warfare Symposium: October 17-21, 2022
Hawaii, USA

EURONAVAL: October 18-21, 2022
Paris, France

International Telemetry Conference 2022: October 24-27, 2022
Glendale, AZ, USA

AOC International Symposium & Convention: October 25-27, 2022
Washington, D.C., USA

2022 DE Systems Symposium: November 14-18, 2022
La Jolla, CA, USA

I/ITSEC 2022: November 28-December 2, 2022
Orlando, FL, USA

JED 2022 Editorial Calendar

The Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance (JED) is the official publication of the Association of Old Crows (AOC), an independent, nonprofit, international professional association promoting public understanding in the science and practice of EW, SIGINT and related disciplines.

Our mission is to be the “journal of record” for EW and SIGINT professionals in the military, industry and academia. The AOC’s 14,000+ members read the Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance (JED) for its intelligent coverage and insightful analysis of news, trends and business opportunities in the global electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) market, including military offensive cyber operations. JED covers all aspects of the market, including airborne electronic attack, self-protection EW systems, and tactical SIGINT programs associated with weapons systems ranging from aircraft to surface ships, submarines, ground vehicles, and satellites. Our readers include military, government and industry leaders around the world.

JED is distributed at AOC and industry events throughout the year; find full bonus distribution information in our media kit and content calendar.