1 to 1.4GHz Solid State Transmitter 8KW Long Pulse & Duty Cycle for Radar and EW


Empower RF Systems Model 2244 is a long-duty cycle, pulsed transmitter operating from 1 to 1.4GHz, designed for maximum waveform flexibility. Configured for L-Band radar applications, the 2244 is the newest member of Empower’s technologically advanced liquid cooled and scalable architecture. This new modern architecture offers scalability for affordable upgrade paths to future power needs by adding hardware to an existing system.

The 2244 transmitter layout consists of a system controller in a 3U 19 inch rack unit and 6 (expandable up to 16) hot swappable 2U amplifier drawers with each amplifier drawer containing an integrated power supply in its 2U chassis. There is no separate system level power supply. This arrangement eliminates the risk of an RF section or single power supply failure taking the entire amplifier offline. In the event of an RF pallet or PA booster failure only a fractional reduction of output power is realized, and the amplifier system remains on air. These Fast Field Replaceable (FFR) drawers allow hot or muted swapping with less than 15 minutes MTTR and you can watch a demonstration of fast field replacement of a PA booster at the video link included below. The result is a system with extreme Effective MTBF.

To learn more, visit www.empowerrf.com.

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