1kW X Band Pulsed SSPA for Extending Radar Range 


Empower RF has announced delivery of the model 2241, a GaN Solid State PA pulse emitter designed for new Radar applications where portability and extended range are key requirements. Across the operating band of 9 to 10GHz, the model 2241 provides over 1000W peak power in a compact 3U chassis. Flexible waveform handling is a key feature. The 2241 is capable of long pulses, high duty cycles, and a derated long pulse mode. The unit is controlled through the front panel touch screen, M2M SCPI, and peer/Lan connected PC and web browser with no software to install. Production Test Data is available upon request. 

• Up to 20% Duty Cycle
• Up to 500 μsec Pulse Width
• Up to 25kHz PRFs
• Derated Long Pulse Operation 2.2ms @200W
• Pulse Modulated or Gated Pulse Mode
• High VSWR 3:1 and Open/Short Protection 

Learn More About This Product: https://www.empowerrf.com/products/display_amplifier.php?sku=2241 

Download datasheet: https://www.empowerrf.com/datasheet/Empower_RF_Amplifier_2241.pdf 

Complete Empower RF Amplifiers lineup: http://www.empowerrf.com/products/rf_power_amplifier.php 

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