Recorded From AOC Europe 2024: From the Crows’ Nest


Host Ken Miller walked the show floor for exclusive coverage of AOC Europe 2024. Joined by special co-hosts for quick segments with guests, including presenters, industry reps, subject matter experts and VIPs worldwide they discussed this year’s theme and current issues facing the EW industry.

Day 1

Episode 1

In this special segment of From the Crows’ Nest, host Ken Miller provides an inside look into AOC Europe 2024. Ken’s guests are Lieutenant Colonel Erik Bamford, Norwegian Armed Forces, Dr. Bob Andrews MBE, AOC Director of Global Operations, and Wyatt Taylor from Epiq Solutions. Today’s AM segment is brought to you by Epiq Solutions. Learn more at

Episode 2

From the Crows’ Nest live from AOC Europe 2024. In this special episode, host Ken Miller is joined by Commander Gunnar Marcusson, Head of EW Branch, Swedish Armed Forces, and Carsten Watolla from Novator Solutions. The sponsor for this episode is Novator Solutions. You can learn more by visiting

Day 2

Episode 1

In this segment from AOC Europe 2024, FTCN host Ken Miller is joined by Colonel Joshua Koslov, Commander of the USAF 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing. The episode is sponsored by Patria.

Episode 2

In this special episode of FTCN Live from AOC Europe 2024, host Ken Miller is joined by Air Commodore Blythe Crawford, Air & Space Warfare Center, British Royal Air Force, Uk. This episode is sponsored by Viavi Solutions. To learn more, go to

Episode 3

In this final installment of FTCN from AOC Europe 2024, host Ken Miller is joined by Dr. Karen Haigh, an expert in Cognitive EW and Artificial Intelligence. The Sponsor for this segment is SPX. You can learn more at

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