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0 Blurring the Lines More… (Another Perspective)

To delve deeper into the confluence of cyber warfare and EW, a perspective offered in a C4ISRNet article highlights a strategic pivot by the US military towards blending these domains. This integration signifies a recognition of the evolving battlefield, where the lines between cyber and EW continue to blur, fostering a new realm of tactical advantages and operational challenges.

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0 Fallen Crow: David J. Diol – 1942-2024

David Diol, 81, was born July 29, 1942, in Pakistan, to Pritam and Helmi (nee Erkintalo) Diol. He died March 27 at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois. David was devoted to his wife, the love of his life, their three children and 11 grandchildren. 

0 Wary or Weary of Fixed Price Contracts

There are varying opinions on the role of fixed price contracts through the department of defense and industry, but most fall somewhere on the spectrum between ideal or overused, useful or uncontrolled. We need to rethink how we apply this mechanisms and whether fixed price is even an appropriate contract vehicle for defense procurement today.  

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