Q&A: Vinay Clauson of Rantec Power Systems Inc.


Vinay Clauson is the Executive Vice President at Rantec Power Systems, bringing over 13 years of engineering leadership experience to his role at the supplier of high-performance power solutions, including VPX-based solutions for advanced platforms. Starting as an intern within the Engineering department, he worked his way up to become Director of Engineering and now EVP. He has played a pivotal role in driving Rantec’s innovation and growth supporting many development and production programs. Vinay is dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative power solutions to the defense market, ensuring mission-critical systems perform with high quality power solutions.

Q: What are some of the major EMS Operations (EMSO) trends that you are seeing and how are they driving the types of equipment that your company is offering for the EW market?

A: The predominant trends in EMS Operations (EMSO) are centered on collaboration within joint and coalition forces, demanding unprecedented levels of interoperability and compatibility. These trends are shaping EW system requirements, necessitating higher power density and advanced SWaP-C2 optimization to meet the operational demands. Our product lines specifically address these needs with power conversion solutions that adhere to the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), ensuring that our offerings are compatible with current systems and future-ready for integration within a broad spectrum of joint force operations.

Q: As your company began to focus on the EMSO market, what types of solutions did you develop that enabled you to scale COTS equipment into solutions that simulate large, complex EMS operating environments?

A: As Rantec innovates in the EMSO market, we evolved from our 6U VME foundation to a high performance 3U VPX product line. Notably, we’ve developed an industry-leading 1200W solution in a 3U VPX package, all while servicing a broad product range tailored to meet unique EMS requirements for harsh environments.

Q: What are some of the product areas where your company is focusing on new offerings for the EMSO and EW markets?

A: We’re currently concentrating our new offerings in the EMSO and EW markets around innovative power solutions. A prime example is Rantec’s 270V 3U 1200W high-performance dual output defense power supply. Designed in line with the SOSA™ Technical Standard, it is optimized for 3U VPX plug-in applications. This power supply promotes SWaP-C2 optimization by delivering up to 1200W in a compact 3U package, ensuring cost efficiency per watt. Notably, it meets MIL standards, features regulated outputs, VPX signals, IPMI communication, harsh environment design, and multiple protection measures. Our focus is on providing cutting-edge, efficient and reliable products for the modern defense needs.

Q: What has your company done to improve the quality and speed of your manufacturing process? Do you offer products off the shelve or is everything built to order.

A: Our company has heavily invested in our facilities and people, ensuring we have the capital and resources to enhance both the speed and quality of our manufacturing process. Our well-capitalized facility reinforces our commitment to timely deliveries without compromising on the zero-defect mindset required to serve the warfighter.

Q: Over the past few years, how has your company learned from its customers and used this information to either introduce new services or refine some of the existing services it offers to the market?

A: We’re seeing that our customers’ requirements are becoming more demanding. They’re looking for solutions that are more powerful yet smaller in size and weight, while also being more efficient. To stay ahead of these demands, we’ve been concentrating on internal research and development projects. A good example is our development of the 1200W 3U VPX power supply. This product addresses the need for high-power solutions in a compact form. Additionally, our leadership in developing the VITA 86.0 technical standard has been crucial for ensuring the 3U VPX form factor can operate effectively in challenging airborne environments, a need that existing standards weren’t meeting. Our approach is proactive, focusing on innovative solutions that anticipate and surpass customer expectations.

Q: How does the company attract the engineering talent it needs in a job market where it must compete with commercial technology companies, as well as larger defense systems developers?

A: We draw in elite engineering professionals by providing access to career-enhancing experience that delivers meaningful solutions in support of the warfighter. Additionally, our location in the scenic Central Coast of California, combined with our superior company benefits and competitive compensation, makes us an attractive destination for top-tier talent. Our close ties with prestigious institutions like Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo also provide direct access to some of the country’s best engineers.

Q: What types of new services is your company planning to offer in the coming years? Do you have a 5 year vision or what do you want to achieve over the next five years?

A: In the coming years, our company is committed to strengthening our partnership with customers by pioneering advanced power conversion solutions. Our five-year vision revolves around three core pillars: innovating at the forefront of power conversion technology, consistently delivering quality products on time, and elevating our already distinguished customer service. We aim to deepen our relationships with customers, ensuring they are equipped with the best value power conversion solutions.

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