Future 5: Brittany Joy

Brittany Joy
Brittany Joy

Today’s Future 5 profile spotlights Brittany Joy, a Senior Staff RF and Analog Design Engineer at Motorola Solutions Applied Technology in Schaumberg, IL

Brittany earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2017. During her undergraduate studies, she was accepted into a summer internship at Motorola and this experience led her to join the company after graduation.

At Motorola, Brittany has found the job and the mission fulfilling. “I’ve become a valued member of our rapid development field experiment team that travels frequently to experiments and exercises” she explains. “These events give us tremendous opportunities to talk first hand with operators and customers and receive feedback on our prototypes and products.” She adds, ” By paying attention to the needs of our EMS/EW operators and customers and getting experience in the field, I am able to grow by helping guide our product strategy to best serve our warfighters. I’ve seen the impact I can have by guiding others and as a result, I can see myself growing into senior leadership one day to build relationships with new customers and help drive business goals.”

In terms of her development as an EMSO professional, she says, “My biggest career achievement was creating our most successful and highest performing build to date of our 30 GHz software-defined radio (SDR). Years of research and creative evaluation techniques helped me build up my mmWave design capabilities. After establishing myself as a technical leader through proven designs, communicating existing flaws of this mmWave product design featuring our own custom RFICs, exposing areas where we could make significant improvement in the product design, and suggesting new processes to reduce risk, I was able to take ownership and leadership of that mmWave design.” She continues, “This was achieved directly as a result of getting to employ my creative thinking and problem solving skills, clearly and effectively communicating known flaws to the right people, challenging what has been done in the past, and successfully leading a team to achieve this success. As a result, I feel valued and appreciated at my company as an inventive contributor, collaborator, and leader.”

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