Future 5: Scott Dinan

Scott Dinan
Scott Dinan

Scott is a Senior Systems Architect at Lockheed Martin. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in 2018 and then went on to earn an MS in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Scott’s career goal is to become a chief engineer who oversees a portfolio of programs. “This will allow me to complete two ancillary professional goals,” he explains. “The first is to support a program(s) through the entire engineering life cycle process from a technical position. In achieving this goal, I would get to contribute significantly to systems that make a difference for our country and its soldiers. This is one of the primary reasons that I came to work for the DOD as a contractor. The second goal is that being a chief engineer would put me in a great position to mentor up-and-coming young talent. I have been fortunate to have had numerous role models throughout my career. These role models have shared their technical expertise, shown me the correct way to lead teams, and given me growth opportunities to continue on my development path.”

At the company, Scott has worked on two major EW programs. The first was an airborne EW application for the US Army. The second was even more impactful. He says, “My biggest career achievement has been leading the design of a new DOD investment. This involved contributing to and leading a cross-disciplined team to design a terrestrial EW and SIGINT system from initial requirements to a compliant baseline. This achievement required cross-team communication, technical breadth and depth, and a positive attitude. I led the team in creating a unified release plan, drafting system requirements, collaborating on designing a hardware architecture and associated software architecture, and flowing all data to the Model and Simulation (M&S) team to confirm design compliance against requirements and EMS threats.”

You can learn more about Scott and his fellow Future 5 professionals at https://www.crows.org/page/2023Future5.

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