Listen: From the Crows’ Nest Special Episodes from the 2023 AOC Convention


JED Managing Editor John Knowles talks with Ken Miller for an episode of the FTCN podcast during the 2023 AOC Convention.

FTCN host Ken Miller was joined by speakers and special guests for onsite recordings of AOC’s podcast from the 2023 International Symposium & Convention. To revisit those episodes, click here or visit your preferred podcast player.

Inside AOC 2023, Day 1
In this episode of FTCN, host Ken Miller is joined by the opening keynote speaker, Lt Gen Matthew Glavy, Deputy Commandant for Information, US Marine Corps. Ken also sits with John Knowles, editor-in-chief of the JED magazine, and AOC International Board of Director Erik Bamford. They dive into the main themes of Day 1 of the symposium, which features discussions on the role of strategic alliances and partnerships in securing an EMS advantage in combat.
Inside AOC 2023, Day 2
In this special episode of From the Crows’ Nest, host Ken Miller welcomes Col. William “Dollar” Young, USAF (Ret.) and Maj. Gen. David Gaedecke, USAF (Ret.) to discuss their symposium session on Advancing EMS Superiority. Their session traces the spectrum superiority story arc from 2018 through the present, through the eyes of senior leaders particularly well-positioned to offer critical observations and fresh insights into the history, evolution, current status, and future of spectrum superiority. Ken also then sits down with AOC Senior Analyst Matt Thompson to “connect the dots” among the many sessions and technical briefings taking place this week.
Inside AOC 2023, Day 3
In this episode of From the Crows’ Nest, host Ken Miller is joined by Day 3 Keynote Speaker Vice Admiral Francis Morley, US Navy. Admiral Morley is the Principle Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition. They discuss the the current state of play in today’s Department of the Navy acquisition efforts, including specific areas of EW, the challenges of today and tomorrow, opportunities, and our collective challenge going forward in today’s increasingly competitive world order. Ken is also joined by AOC Senior Analyst Matt Thompson for his insight into the myriad of topics discussed during the symposium this week.

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