AOC Chapter President STEM Demonstration Event at AOC 2023


Students participating in the AOC Muddy Watters STEM Program took a special trip to AOC 2023, bringing their robots, introducing their program to AOC Chapter Presidents, and speaking at the Young Crow exchange. On display were examples of a few Chapters’ STEM events that other Chapters could view, ask questions, and get support.  The purpose of this event was to have more AOC Chapters involved in helping our “future workforce” get introduced and excited by a career involving the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) early by having AOC Chapters involved with STEM in their local community.

Chapter STEM demonstrations were available all day on Tuesday upstairs in Chesapeake 6.  The event was supported by Chapters and others from the following areas:  Capitol Club, Dixie Crow, Point Mugu Crows, DC First Robotics (IEEE), AOC HQ (STEM Learning Stations), and RF Instrumentation support from Rohde & Schwarz America.

Air Tigers is a Rotary Interact Club and Bowie Team Quantum supported by MASER with students from DuVal High School in Lanham, MD,visited the Pentagon yesterday with a hands on discussion and STEM showcase at the Gaylord yesterday. They met industry leaders and young engineers that are the future for American Security. MASER was founded 10 years ago to form small teams for systems engineering think and student run teamsI have many responsibilities in all areas of the team, whether it be logistics, safety, finances, mechanical and programming. Geby, Danny and Sangeet among 10 students expressed their passions and wowed the attendees. Today’s event is an outreach opportunity where we will be showcasing and discussing what we have been doing as a robotics team and stressing the importance of STEM education in high school to the Association of Old Crows which include industry professionals from various companies and government organizations like the Navy Research Lab, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, etc. We will also be discussing various personal projects of members from the team. This is a showcase event taking place at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor which had a centralized focus on military applications of new radio technology.

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