INDRA to Upgrade Spanish C295 EW Self-Protection


By Richard Scott

Airbus C295 tactical transport aircraft operated by the Ejército del Aire y del Espacio (Spanish Air and Space Force) are to receive an upgraded self-protection suite featuring a wideband digital radar warning receiver (RWR) and electronic warfare (EW) controller supplied by Indra Sistemas.

Under an agreement with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, Indra will backfit the new equipment to the entire 14-strong fleet of C295 (T.21) aircraft operated by the Ejército del Aire y del Espacio’s 35th Wing. The ALR-400 digital RWR is already a standard fit across Spanish transport aircraft, helicopters and fast jets, with the exception of the Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter (equipped with the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub-System).

As well as providing detection, bearing and identification of threat emitters, even in dense radar environments, the ALR-400 equipment also hosts EW suite control functionality to manage the full self-protection system (including missile warner, laser missile warner, and chaff/flare dispense).

Indra is also working on a next-generation “full digital” version of the ALR-400 slated to equip Spanish NH-90, Tiger Mk III and CH-47F helicopters. These rotary-wing platforms are also planned to receive Indra’s InWarner electro-optical/laser threat warner and the company’s InShield DIRCM system.

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